XPY Watch - DVR and Mobil Configuration



In this article will explain the steps to setup your DVR and the App XPY Watch. So you can see the cameras from the mobile.

The first thing we need to do is to configure the DVR with the correct parameters, so follow these steps:

1. Access your DVR
2. Navigate to Menu - Configuration - Network (referrer to image#1)


3. Click on Platform Access (referrer to image #2)
4. Make sure there is a Check in Enable box (this will enable the P2P option in case you haven't activated yet) 


5. Where it says Server Address select Custom or Customize and enter the following address: dev.us.guardingvision.com then below select Apply or Next (referrer to image#3 and image#4)



Note: Make sure that the configuration was saved, it would be advisable to go to other tabs of the menu and then return to see if the information was saved.

6. Enable the Stream Encryption
7. And add the Verification Code you want to use in the DVR. Is recommended to use all cap letters example COUNTRY
8. Apply again, and verify that everything is saved.

Note: There are DVRs that will have the option "Status" and will say if it is (ONLINE) or not. If it is "Online" everything is fine if you see "Offline" you have to check if your DVR is connected to the corresponding modem or router to receive the internet.

With this, we finish the configurations corresponding to the DVR.

Now we can proceed with the mobile setup:

You need to download the App first in your mobile, the App´s name is XPY Watch, you can get it on Play Store for Android or App Store for iPhone

1. Once you download the XPY Watch, proceed to run the App.

2. Select the desired Country (in our case we will select USA, but you can choose your country) Note: this option will be repeated later because of the configuration. 

3. Once inside select or press the Login button

4. Select Register, to register a new account.

5. Accept the terms box and select Register by Email Address

6. Select the Country (in our case we are selecting the USA, but you can select your country)

7. Add the email you are going to use

8. This will send a security code to the added email when you get the code, proceed to enter the code in the field where is asking for it. Also, please take note, this code has a limited time to be used in the App, please use that time to add the code in that time frame. If you miss you will need to request the code again.

9. You will be asked to type a Username and Password please add the necessary information.

10. Press Finish ending the configuration.

After these steps, what you should do now is adding the DVR to the account already created in the XPY Watch. You have It has several options, we offer the simplest options:

- You can add it by selecting Add Device button: this will open the mobile camera to scan the QR code found in Menu - Configuration - Network - Platform Access

- You can add it by pressing the symbol (+) button at the top right, selecting Online Device: which will look for the DVR in the network that is located (the mobile must be in the same network as the DVR)

Once you have added the DVR, it could ask you to add the Username and Password you use physically and this will end the configuration, and you can see the cameras from the mobile.


Q: When I add the DVR trough the App, this error code shows up (2032 or Operating Failed error 102032). ¿What can I do?

A: When this happens, please proceed to change the Verification Code to a stronger one in the DVR.

Q: When I add the DVR through the App, the following screen shows up. ¿Do I need to do something here?

A: You type a name for the Alias, You type a name for the Device Domain Name, Do not touch the Port Mapping, Do not touch the Server Port, Do not touch the HTTP Port Number (only if is necessary), in the Username type the user you are using physically in the DVR and the Password you are using physically in the DVR.