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Kronos300: Web-Interface Setup

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2018 11:29AM COT
This article applies for the AEIEL304U1 Kronos300 Wireless N-Wall Universal Repeater Access Point.   

The Nexxt Solutions Kronos300 Wireless N-Wall Universal Repeater has been designed to accommodate wireless transmitions up to 300Mbps, and without the needs of wiring, just a power outlet. 

At the first attempt, you can setup this Universal repeater using a wired connection. Here are the hints for setup:

1. Connect your Kronos300 with an Ethernet cable to your PC and the Kronos300 to a power outlet.

2. Check that your Ethernet connections are set to "Dynamic" (Automatic) IP address, and your Wireless connections are disabled before proceeding.

3. Open a web browser and go to the following link, http://re.nexxtsolutions.com to get access to the repeater’s setup webpage.

4. Place "admin" as your repeater's Login password.

NOTE: In case that this web address does not open or the password does not allow to enter the Setup page, please CLEAR YOUR BROWSING CACHE on the web browser settings. You can also enter the default IP address, on your web browser to get access. We recommend you upgrade the firmware for a better user experience. This can be done by going to the FIRMWARE UPGRADE on the following link: "Kronos300: Firmware Upgrade".

5. On the "Setup" tab, press the “Open Scan” button.

6. Choose your wireless signal. After selection, a message will appear that says "Please click OK to confirm to connect to selected AP!", then press "OK". You will see your Wireless Network Name on the "SSID" field.

NOTE: For steps 7 to 9, we suggest to verify your wireless security settings from the main router to match these security settings correctly with your Kronos300 wireless settings. If you don't know this information, ask your ISP service for these details.
7.  In “Security Mode” choose the same wireless security you have in the primary router.
Note: For a more secure network, we recommend you use WPA2-PSK. In this case, you would have to set your primary router to this security method before proceeding. 
8. Select the same algorithm from your primary router.

Note: For a more secure network, we recommend you use AES. In this case, you would have to set your primary router to this security method before proceeding.

9.  In “Security Key”, type the same password you have in your primary router.

10. Press the "SAVE" button to save changes. This will prompt a message that says "Please click OK to save the settings and the device will reboot automatically". Press OK to save changes. Your router will reboot to apply changes.

11. After this step, and without disconnecting the Ethernet cable between PC and Kronos300, open a web browser and check if you can browse the internet. If yes, you will be able to connect via wireless and browse in the internet using this Kronos300 as well, using your wireless main SSID and password.

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