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NexxtGate150: Initial Configuration

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2017 10:37AM COT

This article applies for the AEOPLDR4U2 NexxtGate 150 Wireless-N Outdoors Access Point.




Here are the steps to setup the AEOPLDR4U2 Outdoor AP

Note: Only a wired network connection ca be used for the initial configuration.
Since this device operates in AP mod by default, the user needs to manually configure a Static IP addrees for the PC.

1. Click on Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center. follow by Change adapter settings.

After right-clicking on the Local Area Connection, select Properties.

3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then go to Properties. You may also enable this option directly by double-clicking on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

4. Once the next dialog box comes up, select Use the following IP address option. The following items will become available:

  • IP address: Enter 192.168.0.XXX (whereby X is any number between 2~253).

  • Subnet mask: Enter

5. Click OK twice to save your settings and complete the IP address configuration of the device.
5.1. Login

1. Start your WEB browser. Type htt:// in the address field and press Enter to continue.


2. A dialog box will prompt you to enter the User name and Password. By default, both are set to admin, in lowercase. Click login to complete this step.


3. Afterwards, you can assign a new password for security purposes without necessarily modifying the default user name.
4. If the login window fails to appear, it means that your Web-browser has been set to a proxy. Verify that your parameters and passwords are correct, before making another attempt.

5.2 Quick setup wizard

After successfully logging in, click on the Quick setup tab. Three operation modes are provided in the access point to meet each user´s needs. 

  •  AP mode: this mode enables wireless devices to access a network using wi-fi, in an access point configuration.

  • Universal repeater mode: Choose this mode to enable users to share the internet as a WISP client

  • Router mode: choose this mode to enable users to share the internet via ADSL/Cable modem, in a wireless broadband router configuration.

2. For illustration purposes, we will walk you through the AP option, which is also the default mode of operation for the device.


3. After selecting AP mode, click Next to open the wireless configuration window, as illustrated below:


4. Proceed to configure the basic wireless parameters including SSID, channel and security.
  • SSID: enter a unique name to identify your wireless network, However, choose one that is easily remembered by network users. In this example, we are using Nexxt_XXXXXX as the SSID identifier (whereby the "X" represents the last six digits of the access point´s MAC address).

  • Channel: for optimal wireless performance, use the Auto default setting to let the device automatically scan a channel with the least interference for your wireless network to operate on, or you may manually select an unused channel from the drop-down list.

  • Security mode (encryption algorithm): this option is disabled by default with no password assigned. However, we recommend selecting WPA/WPA2-PSK and entering a passkey in order to properly secure your network.

5. Click Next to configure the wireless settings for the device. The device MUST operate on the same channel as the unit AP for successful implementation of the feature.
6. Click on Complete to exit the Quit Setup wizard and reboot the access point.


7. To do so, go to Tools > Reboot >Reboot. When the initialization process is complete, changes will take effect and the device will be ready to operate in AP mode.

8. Remove the LAN cable from your computer and the PoE module. Now, insert your internet cable into the port labeled LAN located in the PoE device.
Note: at this point you need to set the computer back to obtain an IP address automatically.

Refer to steps 1 through 4 under section 5, initial configuration.



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